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Automated bot works by scanning the entire market and taking positions based on your customized criteria. Here's what you need to know about our automated bot:

  • The bot uses a hybrid method of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) + Grid method. When the bot finds a pair that fits your criteria based on volume and trading indicator, it starts buying. After the bot takes the initial step, it takes profit based on the percentage you set. If the price goes down, it starts averaging down. Typically, our templates set the DCA for 4 levels, and the rest will be GRID. DCA means the bot averages down and takes profits based on the averaging position. The take-profit level is calculated as Average Position + (Average Position * Take Profit Percentage). Grid means the bot only takes profit/sells on that particular position. For instance, your XXX/USDT bot is at step 6 (Grid). The price goes up and hits the take-profit level, so the bot only sells the amount that it bought on that step 6.

  • Our bot can run 24/7 without any interruptions. Please ensure that you have enough balance on your exchange to keep the bot averaging down.

  • You have complete control over the bot. You can force sell or stop the bot on each position anytime you want.

  • When the bot is running, you can customize its setup as you wish. For example, you can change the minimum trading volume or add token exceptions.

Experience the power of our automated bot, which utilizes a combination of DCA and Grid method to maximize your profits. Our bot runs 24/7, allowing you to sit back and watch your trading activities happen effortlessly. With full control in your hands, you can customize your bot's setup and force sell or stop it anytime you want. Ensure you have enough balance on your exchange and let our bot work its magic for you!

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